Blackgang Chine Video Collection

Welcome to the Blackgang Chine Video Collection!
A magical assortment of audio and video clips from just about every attraction at the park!
Hear the mischievous goblins from Rumpus Mansion, listen to the Weather Wizard's secrets, or ride on the CliffHanger rollercoaster!


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Blackgang Chine - Cliff Hanger

Big Thrill Rides

Blackgang Chine - Wild West Town

Wild West Town

Blackgang Chine - Fairy Castle

Fairy Castle

  Peer precariously over the edge of vertical cliffs on the CliffHanger rollercoaster, or take the plunge on the WaterForce flume.   Chase the baddies with your gun in Frontierland, and visit the sheriff's jail, Zeke's shack or the Last Chance Hotel. Watch the fairytale unfold in front of you at Sleeping Beauty's castle, or descend down the slides at Snakes and Ladders nearby.

Blackgang Chine - Rumpus Mansion

Rumpus Mansion


Blackgang Chine - Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land

Blackgang Chine - Smugglers Cave

Smuggler Cave

  Set foot in the once magnificent house, that is now the ghostly retreat to grisly ghouls, troublesome goblins, and unruly boggarts.   Take trips to the Allsorts Factory, the Angry Dragon, the Weather Wizard, and stop in at the Triassic club over the bridge. Creep through the spooky cavern and hear of smugglers that plundered the priceless treasures of the shipwrecked Clarendon.

Blackgang Chine - Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur Land


Blackgang Chine - Water Gardens

Water Gardens

Blackgang Chine - Nursery Rhyme Land

Nursery Land

  Meet Stegosauruses, and Tyrannosauruses in the undergrowth, crawl around in the Mouth of Hell or stroll the Butterfly walk.   Relax by the  fountains, stroll the Chimney Pot Walk, see the gnome village or get lost in the maze nearby. Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Hickory Dickory Dock - they can all be
found in this magical land
of fairy folk.

Blackgang Chine - Blackgang Sawmill Exhibition

Blackgang Sawmill


Blackgang Chine - The Musical Petshop

The Petshop

Blackgang Chine - Crossbones Adventure Play Area

Pirate Adventures

  Visit two award-winning exhibitions - Blackgang Sawmill with working engines, and Saint Catherine's Quay, and lifeboat museum.   Sing along with the furry friends in this jolly petshop. Visit Sancho the parrot outside, or the Magic Light Factory nearby. There's swashbuckling fun to be had at the Crossbones play area. Dodge the water squirts at Moby Dick's revenge.
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