Halloween Experience
  "There is nothing to be afraid of, you've come this far already..."  
  The Halloween Experience started out as a small curiosity in 2004, and has since evolved into an immersive walkthrough attraction! Features have included pneumatics and motorised figures, motion-triggered sounds and DMX lighting, and occasionally, a shedload of smoke...
It incorporates some of the same effects and techniques that can be found in the dark rides and walkthrough attractions of theme parks around the world.

Here you can take another look at each of the thirteen shows designed so far, and visit them again with video clips and photos. Pick one from below to get started.
  Halloween Experience 2018: Dr Jekyll's Laboratory
  A fiendish mind is behind a series of horrific experiments!
Dare you enter this darkened realm where nothing is as it seems?
  Halloween Experience 2017: Dungeon of the Doomed
  Traitors! Your time has come! Watch your step or else meet a treacherous end at the hands of the axeman!
  Halloween Experience 2016: Tunnel of Hell
  A new enclosed experience for 2016! Step into the bowels of Hell, and witness tormented and anguished souls at every turn!
  Halloween Experience 2015: Carnival of Horrors
  Roll up, roll up to meet ghoulish freaks and oddities at the most sinister show in town!
  Halloween Experience 2014: Realm of the Undead
  The undead have risen! Avoid their bizarre experiments and electrocutions - they're dying for you to join them!
  Halloween Experience 2013: Trail of the Tormented
  Something wicked this way comes...witches, boggarts and a ghostly apparition!
  Halloween Experience 2011: The Magnificent Seventh
  More spooky surprises awaited visitors at the seventh Halloween display.
  Halloween Experience 2010: The 2010 Return
  A return to Halloween nights with new enhanced effects and a host of ghosts and goblins!
  Halloween Experience 2008: The Epilogue
  The final display in the original run goes out in spooky style with a haunted garden full of skeletons and ghouls.
  Halloween Experience 2007
  A haunted graveyard, a startling skeleton and other shock effects ramped up the fear factor at the fourth display!
  Halloween Experience 2006
  A restless coffin, rattling tombstones and many other animated props lit up Halloween night for 2006.
  Halloween Experience 2005
  A very wet second display, but it didn't dampen our Halloween spirits!
  Halloween Experience 2004
  The first ever display! See how it all began! There was a lot of smoke involved...