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Blackgang Chine - The Weather Wizard

Spring, summer, autumn and winter. They've all got different types of weather, but who helps the sun to shine and makes those summer showers?

Blackgang Chine - The Weather Wizard

  Enter the wizardís home where everyone is busy making weather for the seasons ahead. With wonderful music and lovely imagery, this enchanted attraction will delight younger children.   Blackgang Chine - The Weather Wizard  

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Blackgang Chine - The Weather Wizard

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Blackgang Chine - The Weather Wizard
Now you can see the wizard himself, who will reveal to you all his secrets about creating weather. He makes the sun appear, the wind blow, the lightning crack, the thunder boom, the ice freeze, and snow fall. This is truly a wonderful attraction for all the family.

Weather Wizard Clips


Listen to the wizard's music

I am the weather wizard...
Travel through the seasons

Hear the wizard's secrets


Read the attraction poems
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